Dentist Vasserman testimonial Mollie

Dr. Vasserman,

Taking this opportunity to express my appreciation of your talents is a good thing . . . we oftentimes assume people know what we're feeling or thinking, and, of course, most of us are not clairvoyant. Your professional skill borders on artistry, in my humble opinion. And looking in my mouth (which it's hard for you to avoid), you noticed I'd been to many a dentist over the years. I'm glad you've taken command of the situation and in two short years have considerably changed the "landscape" in there! All while I was "feeling no pain" I might add. Your wonderful staff and office environment are very welcoming. I have no dread "going to the dentist." Why couldn't we have gotten together many dentists ago ...oh, right, you would have been about three!

Best wishes, Mollie

Mary Joyce Paul Maxwell Katherine Cherie Mollie

Emily Anna Peter Kim Angel Elisa Visjna

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