Dentist Vasserman testimonial Emily
Dr. Vasserman,

I had a great dentist
Her name was Marie
And she took greatest care
Of a person named Me.

Then she sold out her practice
And I went out to see
The unwanted new dentist
Who wasn't Marie.

I stood and I started
And my hackles went up
She'd bequeathed my dear teeth
To this upstart young pup.

Just out of short pants,
With long lashes was he;
Oh it was a pity!
I turned 'round to flee.

Then, I thought a long time,
And devised a smart test;
I'd trusted him with one tooth,
But save all the rest.

The years have gone by...
He, still, isn't Marie,
But he's my teeth's favorite friend,
And a good friend to me.

Best wishes, Emily

Mary Joyce Paul Maxwell Katherine Cherie Mollie

Emily Anna Peter Kim Angel Elisa Visjna

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